5 Tips To Deal With Jealousy

When did you feel jealous last time? It is very natural feeling to be jealous for other person. It is an inevitable emotion that everyone has experienced throughout their life. But when we are so blinded by jealousy that you spend all of your time with same thought, then it would create problem in your life. If you have affected your life with jealousy, it may be demolish your self esteem and confidence. We are feeling jealousy about other’s success, strength, life-style, education and relationship. Overcoming jealousy is like changing any emotional feeling or behavior. Here, you will find 5 most effective tips for dealing with jealousy.

Recognize Your Jealousy:-

It’s natural to be jealous. The first step to deal with this uncomfortable feeling is to recognize it. You need to admit yourself about being jealous. Are you being jealous of everything about anyone has? Are you being jealous of your best friend/colleague/Sibling because he/she is in a great position? One of the main causes to be jealous is for materialistic things like my friend has a lot of money, luxurious house, physical appearance, best job, and best family. One should try to find out the exact reason for their jealousy. We should control our reactions and try to concentrate on our own behavior.

Stop Comparing Yourself With Others:-

Why do you need to compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can replace you. Everyone is unique with his/her own capabilities. Another fact is that, there must be something that makes you unique. One should try to find out their own uniqueness rather than comparing. Some people are good in teaching; some people are good in dancing, singing, cooking or painting. Instead of being jealous or competitive, you should be happy for their success and get inspired by them.

Appreciate Yourself:-

It is a very good habit to appreciate other people, but you can’t forget to appreciate of yourself. For example, you might be jealous if your friend who is more attractive, rich, successful in her/his life. At that time, you should explore the areas of interest that you are good at and be proud of who you are. Self appreciation is one of the most important things for boosting your confidence. It is about being grateful for you. It will increase our satisfaction level and reduce the feeling of jealousy and comparison.

Count Your Blessings:-

Jealousy arises from feelings of insecurity, low self esteem and low confidence. But; you have countless reasons to be thankful for the life what you have been given. For example, if we purchase a small car and one of my friend purchases luxurious car, we might get disturbed and feeling jealousy. It’s a human nature to constantly having better than their relatives and surroundings.

There is a saying,”The art of being happy is to be satisfied with what you have”. Whenever you are feeling jealousy, start writing five things you are thankful for. One should try to count their goodness in their life. It will make them happy.

Let Go Of The Jealousy:-

It’s a human nature to get stuck sometimes in a single thought. First step is to remember that we have a choice in letting go. One should try to stop thinking and worrying about it. You have to let go of those Jealousy feeling from your heart and soul. You should forget them to make your dreams come true and focus in the direction of your dream.

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